DJ Bornswift



Years of hard work and dedication to his craft, his relentless determination has shown crowds how versatile he can be. From Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Deep/Soulful House, Pop and Rock are the tunes you can expect to vibe to seamlessly. Blessing clubs from all over, Bornswift has smashed audiences all around the nation such as Chicago, Boston, New York, New Orleans, Toronto, covering the state of Ohio and many more.

As an experience DJ, Bornswift has performed for many celebrities, artists and athletes, all including: Kid Cudi, Asher Rother, LMFAO, Russell Peters, Jay Sean, Howie Mandell, the Chicago Bulls, and the Chicago Bears. This landed him one of the major resident DJ positions with PUMA.

He has also had many mix tapes under his belt. As a new installment, his Swiftly Mixes on LeRock Box Radio have been creating a buzz around the internet, each gaining hundreds of downloads and streams.